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Why aren’t outdoor kids’ inflatable parks profitable? You’ve been doing it wrong!

Today, the children’s inflatable model industry is booming, and operators will still face many problems in the business process, making it difficult to attract customers’ interest. How to improve the economic efficiency of operators and attract more customers? CHINEE INFLATABLE INC. is here to tell you:

  1. Analyze the inflatable amusement items based on your own reality. In the face of various children’s inflatable amusement projects on the market, operators should observe whether there are new ideas, understand the market situation, and combine with their own conditions to open a children’s inflatable park that suits the needs of the local amusement market.
  2. Innovate the combination method to increase the interaction between people. A good quality inflatable device can prolong its life and can be played repeatedly without getting bored. Therefore, the amusement park must not only realize the interaction between humans and machines, but also realize “competition competition”.
  3. Collect member data and master member information. Under normal circumstances, the children’s inflatable park will do promotions on the opening day or holidays, attract customers to apply for membership cards through preferential activities, and enter the basic information of customers. Children’s inflatable park can send condolences to customers on birthdays or children’s school days, so that the relationship between the two will be even closer
  4. Update the facilities of the children’s inflatable park to increase the attraction. In the process of equipment management, if there are several amusement facilities back and forth during the operation, the children will lose interest. Therefore, the amusement equipment must be updated regularly during the business process.



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Why aren’t outdoor kids’ inflatable parks profitable? You’ve been doing it wrong!

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