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Want to open a children’s inflatable park, you must know these things!

Many investors want to open their own children’s inflatable park, but do not know how to operate, today CHINEE INFLATABLE INC. to help you list, I hope it can help you.

  1. The choice of address. The operation of the inflatable park has an important relationship with its location. To choose a place where the crowd is concentrated, such as in front of the mall, the mall or near the kindergarten and so on. As long as you can attract the attention of children and parents, business will naturally be good.
  2. According to local policy for the relevant documents required for business. Children’s inflatable park is a special industry, the need to drop the design draft sent to the relevant local institutions, after permission to carry out business.
  3. Find a reliable manufacturer of inflatable models. According to market research to find the right manufacturer.
  4. Pay attention to improve the degree of trust of customers. In addition to personalized inflatable models can attract customers, good hygiene conditions can also give parents an increased sense of security. For example, temperature testing during special periods and regular weekly disinfection are necessary.
  5. Establish your own customer base. Social groups can be established during the opening period to facilitate the return of gifts and information transfer. For example, the circle of friends to notify the recent activities, weekly disinfection video sharing, etc., can increase the goodwill of parents.

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Want to open a children’s inflatable park, you must know these things!

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