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Installation of inflatable castle and fan

Installation of inflatable castle and fan

The inflatable castle is a kind of inflatable amusement equipment with the appearance of a castle made of environmentally friendly PVC coated cloth. The inflatable castle is formed by inflatable, and the various fashionable shapes are extremely realistic and loved by children.

  1. Installation of inflatable castle

(1) First of all, the inflatable castle is folded, the product needs to be laid out in accordance with the requirements of the terrain. Inflatable castle bottom cushion prohibit direct contact with the ground, the equipment should be placed under some padding (such as carpets, colored cloth, etc.) to prevent friction with the ground, causing damage to the product.

2) Find the air inlet of the inflatable castle, and then connected to the fan outlet, and the fan mouth tied, and then the rest of the spare air inlet tied.

3) Put the blower on the power, the bouncy castle will be fully expanded in 5-10 minutes. Inflation process, no additional work, the inside of the shape filled with gas will slowly pop up.

  1. Installation of the fan

(1) Choosing a number of meters of national standard cable to connect with the fan , the other end connected to the air switch, and connected to the electric shock protector.

(2) Before using, you should check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the nameplate, and whether the direction of rotation is correct.

(3) The staff should check regularly and press the air inlet of the fan on the protective net to avoid accidents.

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Installation of inflatable castle and fan

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