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Four ways of marketing strategy of inflatable manufacturers

Four ways of marketing strategy of inflatable manufacturers

1. Make full use of domestic and foreign exhibition opportunities
For small and medium-sized export inflatable manufacturers, one of the important ways to promote their products, find business opportunities and meet foreign merchants is to participate in exhibitions. The exhibition provides the opportunity for exporting enterprises to have face-to-face contact with customers, so it is necessary to make full use of the opportunity of the exhibition. At present, the comprehensive export exhibitions with relatively good effects in China include the Canton Fair and the China Fair. The Canton Fair is an exhibition with the longest history, the largest scale, the largest number of foreign businessmen and the best effect in China, followed by the China Fair. In addition, there are many emerging professional exhibitions organized by regional governments.
By participating in inflatable toy exhibitions around the world every year, you can reach and connect with more potential customer groups. In particular, there are many large customers in the exhibition, because large customers prefer to go to the exhibition to find powerful manufacturers for interviews. The United States is the world’s largest toy consumer market and my country’s largest export market. The American Toy International Expo is huge, with 5,000 thousand toy manufacturers and distributors participating every year.

2. ​Developing e-commerce and conducting network marketing
As a multimedia tool, the Internet has a huge potential use in the field of modern marketing. Most of the export-oriented inflatable manufacturers use this modern communication technology to develop foreign trade. For example, build a company web page; use the Internet to advertise; publish product and service information, find partners, and so on. Compared with the traditional marketing model, network marketing breaks through the time and space limitations of buyers and sellers, and provides great convenience to both buyers and sellers. The cost of online trade is low, but high returns can be obtained. Small and medium-sized export enterprises that use network marketing can narrow the difference in scale with large export enterprises, greatly reduce trade costs, and network marketing is very fast and responsive, which can improve transaction efficiency. Therefore, for small and medium-sized enterprises, the use of e-commerce for online marketing is one of the cost-effective international marketing channels.

3. Promotion strategy
Advertising promotion is one of the important ways for enterprises to promote. Advertising in international marketing activities is divided into two types: one is advertising to promote product export, and the other is advertising to promote consumer purchases. The former is advertised to international importers, wholesalers and retailers, while the latter is advertised to end consumers in the international market. Small and medium-sized export inflatable manufacturers have limited capacity and financial strength, and according to the nature of the enterprise, the focus of their advertisements should be on advertisements that promote product exports. And advertisements aimed at end consumers are more suitable for cooperation with local importers, or are helpful for promoting their own brands into the local market.
Advertising is the main means of its promotion. In order to improve export visibility and sales, we spend some money every year to advertise in various effective foreign media or use local agents to promote. In addition, by going out to exhibitions several times a year, there are more opportunities to show up in front of customers, leaving a clearer and clearer impression on customers.

4. Price strategy
Due to the differences and variability of the international marketing environment, the export pricing decision of inflatable products has become a very complex and extremely important key link. Whether export-oriented inflatable manufacturers can acquire customers and occupy the market largely depends on the company’s pricing strategy. There are five factors that influence pricing decisions: pricing objectives, market demand, cost structure, competitive conditions and public policy.
The pricing of inflatable products is based on good materials, production details, strong imitation ability, and high design level. Of course, there are also high labor costs and high average daily consumption of the factory. The materials include mesh cloth, PVC, thread, and ink for production, all of which have been verified by testing institutions and have non-toxic and safety labels.​

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Four ways of marketing strategy of inflatable manufacturers

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