Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of different inflatable product materials
Inflatable products can often be seen in our lives. People use it not only as a tool for amusement, but also as a way of advertising. Today, take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of different inflatable materials?

1. Inflatable products made of PVC
PVC material is a common material in all inflatable products. After the development of PVC technology and the advancement of science and technology, the performance of PVC has been further improved, with waterproof, fire resistance, high temperature resistance, toughness, ductility and other properties. This kind of inflatable product is generally compounded by a hot air blower, and in the process of inflation, it is achieved by one-time inflation and then permanent sealing to achieve a comparable effect. This kind of inflation effect is more commonly used. Generally, the air-holding time is as long as 7 to 15 days. After a long time, gas leakage will gradually occur. This material is more suitable for inflatable products that need to be used in a closed-air environment, such as water rollers, water walking balls, lift-off balls, and lift-off airships in water mobile parks.

2. Inflatable products of PVC mesh material
PVC mesh material has become the mainstream material in the current market, and inflatable products of this material are generally sewn by sewing machines. In the process of inflation, a hair dryer will be added inside the inflatable product. As long as there is current passing through the process of inflation, the effect of stable charging can be well achieved. However, the only disadvantage of the product of this material in the charging process is that the power consumption is relatively large, and the product of this material is more suitable for some larger inflatable products.
The two materials we mentioned above are the most common in the air mold market. We can choose different materials according to our actual use needs and different economic conditions. Each material has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, as long as we give full play to its advantages, and then try to avoid its disadvantages to complete the entire operation process.​

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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of different inflatable product materials

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