What are the common faults and handling methods of inflatable park?
Common failures and eliminate:
1, paste requirements: first in the toy to be pasted and the fabric evenly coated with glue, and then drying half a minute, the fabric paste to the paste, do not become warped, pressed and paste finished.
2, the toy is scratched: scratched length of more than 5 cm should be needle stitching, or use cloth and cloth paste. Short of 5 cm can be directly pasted.
3. The line at the seam is open: first use a needle and thread to sew the seam allowance flat, (or from the bottom of the air cushion disassembled into and sewn) can be used to paste the seam allowance firmly, while considering the beauty.
4, beautify the warped edge: use a small brush to apply the right amount of glue on the warped edge, a little stop and press flat paste firmly.
5, decoupling: easy to wear parts after long use easy to decoupling, cut into different shapes available fabric paste in decoupling.
6, large air leakage: toys after long use, due to certain parts of the pinhole seams become wider, air leakage, consider using cloth paste in the seams to reduce air leakage, such as toys are too old, should consider scrapping, to prevent problems in operation.
7, the air cushion local abnormal raised: generally refers to the case of stretching from the air cushion torn open. Can be unfolded from the bottom of the air cushion along the seam, the support will be connected to the air cushion with a needle and thread, and then taped with cloth to protect the seam.

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What are the common faults and handling methods of inflatable park?

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