Inflatable castle safety precautions are as follows:
1.Please take off your shoes into the ground.
2.inflatable castle facilities suitable for 3 ~ 12 years old children, parents need to be under the age of 8 played under escort.
3.Please do not bring any sharp objects of hard materials such as metals entering the compound, so as not to hurt themselves or others.
4.Don’t eat any food inside the venue, in order to avoid the bounce card throat, food into the nasal cavity and so unexpected.
5.prohibit directly jump down from a height, are not allowed to play on the inflatable castle parapet6. Playing field edge don’t jump out, lest out ground accident.7. Pay attention to health.8. Heart disease, cerebrovascular disease in patients with moderate to play.9. The game entertainment, security is important.

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What are the safety precautions of Inflatable castle?

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