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What are the benefits of inflatable trampolines?

What are the benefits of inflatable trampolines?
Inflatable trampoline is a better entertainment and fitness amusement equipment. The material is mainly made of PVC mesh fabric elastic surface, plus the protection network, in the entertainment at the same time to ensure personal safety.
As we all know, exercise can strengthen the body and promote digestion. By the expert test, continuous jumping 15 minutes of exercise = jogging 30 minutes or aerobics 20 minutes.

1. Trampoline sports help children:
(1) promote the rapid development of brain function, so that it is more responsive;
(2) for children who are developing bone ship play a role in the growth of help height;
(3) exercise the child’s body balance, hand-foot coordination;
(4) help to lose weight, promote friendship between partners, and promote learning;
2. trampoline sports help adults:
(1) easily get rid of the waist fat, showing a charming body;
(2) improve cardiopulmonary function, enhance joint flexibility;
(3) promote the harmony of the emotional life of couples;
(4) to be a good example of health for children;

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What are the benefits of inflatable trampolines?

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