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The installation and daily maintenance of air toys

The installation and daily maintenance of air toys

1. Installation and use of inflatable toys

1), the air toys will be placed on a flat ground, if the ground is smooth, can be directly spread on; if the ground containing rubble and other sharp objects, need to lay a protective layer on the ground, such as canvas, carpet, plastic sheeting, colored cloth, tarpaulin, etc., and then it will be unfolded.

2), use the fan according to the fan manual, check whether the fan power terminal board matches, check whether the fan is loose, and then turn on the power to try the machine after determining normal.

3) Find the air inlet of the equipment, then connect it with the air outlet of the fan and tie the mouth of the fan, then tie the spare air inlet with a rope.

4), the blower is connected to the power supply inflatable, air toys will be bulging in 5-10 minutes.

5), start more than one blower can be started in turn, and then start the next one after 20-30 seconds of operation of the previous fan.

6), the new air mold toys leak less, the initial period, only part of the fan mouth, later depending on the degree of softness of the air toys, gradually the fan mouth all tied.

7), put away the air toys should first turn off the power supply, and then untie the fan interface and exhaust port, to be moved after the wind blades stop fan, exhaust time is generally 10 ~ 25 minutes, the remaining gas to squeeze, and finally fold the device.

2.The daily maintenance of the air mold toys

1), in order to ensure that your inflatable toys to reach the normal use of years, when the machine play can not participate in too many children play. Inflatable children’s castle, for example, generally in the inflatable toys to accommodate 3 square meters a child.

2), the small shape on the inflatable toys play a decorative role, can not let children pull hard, hard tear, can not let children use hard objects in the toy scribble, so as not to damage.

3), the toy before deflating, with a semi-dry towel to clean the surface of the toy, Joan dry deflated, the equipment will be folded, with the bottom to stop the front, and then covered with a tarp, folded and placed in a cool, clean place for safekeeping;

4), do clean treatment, you can use washing powder will be stained, oil stains, and then scrub clean with water, dry in the sun can be.

5), if the toy is not well stored in the water, in the case of failure to drain, put dry and ventilated place to blow up, alarm until the water vapor dry, do not have water storage;

6), if not used for a long time, the clean equipment folded, bundled, packed; storage temperature is generally in -50 ~ +40 degrees Celsius is appropriate.

7), the fan should pay attention to moisture, corrosion prevention; air model toys to pay attention to prevent rodents and insects frog bite.

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The installation and daily maintenance of air toys

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