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The charm of outdoor water activities ensures the popularity of water parks, and inflatable pools, as a must-have item in water parks, have an important impact on the profitability of the project.

​An inflatable pool is a kind of inflatable swimming pool, which has the characteristics of low manufacturing cost, high wear resistance, good tear resistance, good air tightness, high strength, durability and easy maintenance.

Placing inflatable pools does not require construction, declaration and approval, etc.

The inflatable pool can be moved and deployed, and the product can be conveniently used and disassembled by inflating and deflating, saving manpower and material resources, and realizing mobile operation.

​Chinee inflatable pools are complete in specifications, and various inflatable pools can be customized, with a height of 0.3-1m, which can be used alone.

It can be operated in small parks, commercial streets, squares, shopping malls and other places. The inflatable pool can be equipped with some floating equipment such as hand-cranked boats, walking balls, battery boats, swimming rings, etc., to increase the playability and easily achieve profitability.

In large-scale mobile water park projects, inflatable pools are generally designed with inflatable water slides, which incorporate more amusement passion and meet the water amusement needs of many teenagers.

For more information on inflatable pools and water parks, please contact Chinee inflatable.

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Inflatable pool manufacturers

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