(1) The choice of inflatable slides. Choose a novel and brightly colored style can attract children. If the site conditions allow, try to choose large, richly shaped and competitive inflatable slide.

2) The choice of venue. This is particularly important, directly determines your future earnings. Must choose a high flow of children more places, such as parks, squares, shopping malls, scenic spots, because the weekend holiday parents rest will bring their children out to play.

3) Retain customers by handling membership cards. The children who are playing are the children who live nearby. Through the membership card preferential policy can retain customers, but also in advance to recover costs this morning to achieve profitability.

(4) Pay attention to the inflatable slide, hygiene and safety of the castle, some humane and thoughtful services should be done, such as parents rest stool ah, free water, etc., regular inspection and maintenance equipment.

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How to operate an inflatable slide?

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