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Do you know how many forms of advertising inflatables?

Do you know how many forms of advertising inflatables?
There are various forms of inflatables, such as advertising inflatable arches, product models, etc.; sports inflatables, such as: inflatable rock climbing, inflatable bumper ball, etc.; entertainment inflatables, such as: children’s castles, water rides, etc. Here is mainly about the advertising inflatable, we have tried to make the following classification:

(1) arch type,

(2) physical type,

(3) anthropomorphic type,

(4) additional type.

The arch-type air model is suitable for setting at the entrance of streets, squares and exhibition venues because of its span characteristics. Although it lacks the shape of advertising goods, in the cylindrical bending of the arch, advertising text is huge, trademark pattern eye-catching.
It has the advantage of being simple in conception and realistic in shape, and it is the most used one in air model advertising. Since there is a certain degree of difficulty in the design and production process of the air model, the current stage of physical air model advertising is mainly used in the shape of simple small packaging goods, such as bottles of alcohol, cans of beverages, bags of milk powder, combined cigarettes, tubes of dental care, drug capsules, etc.. It is worth mentioning that some manufacturers of small household appliances also chose air-model advertising. For example, in 1994, the National Home Appliance Fair, there were rice cookers, irons and other goods inflatable models. In addition, footwear with air models for advertising is also relatively large.

The anthropomorphic air model is a variant of the anthropomorphic advertising goods, and therefore is one of the more creative air model advertising. It has lively, attractive characteristics. The design of anthropomorphic air model must have a rich imagination, and the variant is valuable between like and unlike, that is to say, it must let people know at first glance which brand of goods the air model represents; and at the same time, people for its ingenious deformation and heartfelt. Praise, because this deformation both in the unexpected, but also in the sense of reason.
The additional type of air model is to create some interesting images in addition to the advertised products to attract people’s attention, in order to achieve the effect of product promotion. Additional air model can be divided into two kinds of associated additional and unassociated additional. Associated add-on means that the main image of the advertised goods is included in the overall shape. For example, the air model of elephant brand paint is designed as a white elephant humping a can of elephant brand paint, which is an additional type of association. Not associated with additional, the overall shape does not contain the main image of advertising goods, but the model appears on the text or pattern to promote advertising goods.
Inflatable advertising model has the characteristics of light weight, retractable, levitating, and easy to transport. It can be high in the sky, low on the ground, also be used in the water, really be described as a three-dimensional supply. In addition, it is easy to display. It is precisely for this reason, the air model advertising in large and medium-sized exhibitions, trade fairs and other medium and short-term display occasions have become the favorite of many advertisers.

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Do you know how many forms of advertising inflatables?

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