What should I do if there is an emergency with inflatable products?

Air products are indeed useful, almost most activities can be used. If the cell phone stores want to hold cell phone promotions, you can put the corresponding cell phone brand walking inflatable products on the promotional activities site, and will be able to become a street with the most attention scene; if the building is built, you can also place large inflatable arches. Red inflatable arches can not only add a festive atmosphere, but also create a grand atmosphere.

So it seems, inflatable products are indeed very good. In fact, there are more and more event organizers who will be inflatable products as a necessary product for each event, but inflatable products are not 100% perfect. The nature of inflatable products or gas-filled products, like balloons may leak or suddenly burst, the use of inflatable products may also be a variety of emergencies, the face of emergency, people should remain calm and collected, as soon as possible to find a proper way to deal with.

If an emergency occurs during the use of inflatable products, what should people do? According to past experience, the most likely emergencies of inflatable products are the sudden failure of the motor to work properly and product leakage.

1. If the inflatable products supporting the motor suddenly can not work, people do not need to panic, the remaining gas can still be maintained for a while. You can check whether the power failure, the motor wiring is tight. If there is a problem of disconnection, you can change a wire in the case of power failure.

2. Inflatable products suddenly cut a large mouth seems to be more serious than the motor suddenly does not operate. In the face of this situation, in the absence of glue sticky patch, people can temporarily use transparent tape to stick the gap. You can also use the rope to tie up the gap, although this is not very beautiful, but always let the inflatable products restore the normal use of state.

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What should I do if there is an emergency with inflatable products?

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