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Bouncy Castle Repairing Knowledge

Bouncy Castle Repairing Knowledge
Because of their bright colors and rich shapes, bouncy castles are usually loved by children whether they are in the square or at the entrance of the supermarket, but there are also problems with daily maintenance. As a professional bouncy castle manufacturer, Chinee inflatable should do daily maintenance of bouncy castles and repair knowledge of bouncy castles in the process of using bouncy castles.


Please note the following points:

Paste notes.
1. The cut of the fabric should be a few centimeters larger than the place that needs to be repaired. It is best to cut it into a curved shape when cutting the sample, or cut it into a pattern to increase the beauty.
2. First apply glue evenly on the place where the toy is to be pasted and on the fabric, and then let it dry for a few minutes until the glue does not stick to the hand. Then paste the cloth sample to the pasting place, flatten it without warping, and the pasting is completed. The other corners can be pasted in an inflated state.
3. If the outdoor temperature is lower than 15 degrees, you can use a hair dryer to heat it, so that it will stick more firmly.
Several situations and precautions for bouncy castles that need to be repaired.
1. The toy is scratched.
(1) The slits longer than 5cm should be sewed with needles and threads, and then pasted with cloth strips or cloth samples.
(2) If the cut is less than 5cm, it can be pasted directly.
2. Seam opening
​First, use a needle and thread to sew the opening evenly, (or disassemble it from the bottom of the air cushion to enter and sew it), and then use the method of pasting to fix the opening firmly, and consider the appearance at the same time.
3. Beautify the edge.
Use a small brush to apply an appropriate amount of glue to the warped edge, stop for a while and then flatten and press it firmly, and then stick it firmly.
4. Rubber wear.
Some wear-resistant parts are easily degummed after being used for a long time. You can cut the fabric into different shapes and paste it in the degummed area.
5. Large air leakage.
After the toy is used for a long time, the air leakage will increase greatly due to the enlarged pinhole seam in some parts. It can be considered to stick cloth strips on the seams to reduce the air leakage.
6. The air cushion is abnormally raised locally.
It is usually caused by the tearing or breaking of the lacing. The bottom of the air cushion can be disassembled along the seam, and the lace and the air cushion can be connected with a needle and thread, and then pasted with a cloth strip to protect the seam.
7. Maintain common sense.
(1) Before the toy is deflated, clean the surface of the toy with a semi-dry towel, deflate after drying, fold it and store it in a cool and clean place;
(2) If the toy is not well kept and the water enters, if it cannot be drained, put it in a dry and ventilated place and blow it up, and let it dry until the water evaporates. Do not store it with water;
(3) The blower should be stored in a dry and ventilated place to prevent moisture;
(4) If the toy is stored for a long time, it should be checked regularly for moisture, and it should be blown up in a ventilated place and wiped clean.

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Bouncy Castle Repairing Knowledge

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