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How to pack inflatable products for better handling?

How to pack inflatable products for better handling?

How to pack inflatable products? How to pack inflatable products for better handling? For more customers who care about this issue, Chinee inflatable has spent an hour organizing this illustrated tutorial on bouncy castle packaging, which I hope you can learn.

First, power off the fan, remove the fan, open all vents, and let the bouncy castle deflate.

This process usually takes 15-30 minutes, or even longer, depending on the size of the product.

If you want the bouncy castle to deflate more quickly, you can arrange for personnel to step on it, which can speed up the deflation time of the bouncy castle.

Folding the bouncy castle, like folding a quilt, fold the bouncy castle, you can use the 3-fold or 4-fold method, as long as it is not a long column, it does not affect the loading behind.

Squeeze from the bouncy castle gate to the back of the bouncy castle (because of the exhaust port at the back of the bouncy castle, the residual gas can be discharged) If you feel there is more gas, you can choose to repeat this step. Start rolling back from the front of the bouncy castle, keep rolling on both sides at the same time, and find that the edge of the roll is a bit rough, then press the foot pressure, otherwise the roll will be skewed.

Once the bouncy castle is folded, keep it upright, and start a bag from top to bottom and put the bouncy castle into the bag.

When the bouncy castle is loaded, first stand up the bouncy castle, then start to reverse the car, 30 cm from the car in the bouncy castle, and then directly press the bouncy castle, the end of the bouncy castle will just fall in the car.

Finally, force all the castles to go straight in.

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How to pack inflatable products for better handling?

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