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How to Make Good Inflatable Park Products

How to Make Good Inflatable Park Products
There is a saying that the layman is watching the fun, and the expert is watching the doorway. For investors who want to operate inflatable parks and other products, if they want to make a return on their investment, they must achieve a two-pronged approach of “lively” and “doorway”. Both hands must be grasped, both hands must be hard work.

The first thing a layman pays attention to is the appearance of the product. If the product is not “lively”, no one will come to play, and of course there will be no considerable profit.

Appearance is mainly a matter of accumulation. After a lot of design, after a long time of design, you will know what the market needs, and only then can you continue to develop popular inflatable park products.

Therefore, the first impression is very important, and the next step is the overall impression of the inflatable park product, that is, the continuous inner experience of the product.

This can be judged from the internal structure of the inflatable park, product quality, and product safety to judge whether an inflatable park product can give people a good inner experience.

The internal structure actually belongs to the aspect of appearance control. The scientific internal structure can reasonably arrange the shapes in the space, which not only makes people feel rich and diverse, but also feels coordinated, which is “harmony”.

The product safety of inflatable parks needs to be considered from both the whole and the details;

​the position of the center of gravity should be considered in the overall design specification. Top-heavy products are dangerous goods. Once the product rolls over, the consequences will be unimaginable. Some customers may not understand and will blindly require large slides and high rock climbing when designing inflatable parks. Why don’t we go?

It’s not that we can’t achieve it technically, but we won’t allow the production of such a hidden inflatable product.

It has always been our philosophy to consider the things that customers have not considered carefully for customers, and teach our own experience to friends who cooperate with us;

​product safety is reflected in the details of the height of the floor mat, the height of the guardrail, the slope of the slide, and wind protection measures in bad weather.

The quality of the product is good, and there are fewer problems, so that the operator will have peace of mind.

The quality of inflatable park products is controlled by the two aspects of equipment and personnel, and the influence of human factors is minimized.

We use advanced process equipment, from blanking to sewing, heat sealing, spray painting, lamination, assembly, beautification, layer-by-layer control, and layer-by-layer checks to ensure that the products in each process are of high quality.

In terms of personnel control, every step is effectively managed, from new employee training to job practice, and finally to job division.

Chinee inflatable castles are two-pronged, only boutique!

For more bouncy castle product details, please contact our online customer staff.

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How to Make Good Inflatable Park Products

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