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What equipment do you need to start a mobile inflatable water park?

What equipment do you need to start a mobile inflatable water park?
In the summer of recent years, with the construction of mobile water parks all over the country, it has brought huge benefits to countless investors, and the popular phenomenon of “crowding people and people fighting people” at the water park site also fully demonstrates this project. The bright investment prospects make more merchants who are in the wait-and-see stage and have not found suitable investment projects gear up and eager to try!

What equipment do you need to start a mobile water park? What relevant procedures do I need to go through? This has also become the most frequently asked question by investors. As a professional manufacturer of mobile water parks, Chinee Inflatable Equipment Co., Ltd. will answer you one by one here!

The mobile water park is composed of bracket pools, inflatable pools, water inflatable slides of different heights and themes, an

d small water floats of various shapes and playing methods. Operators can also put some water sports equipment according to the needs of their own venues. , such as water flushing, water football field, etc., which also adds interest to the water park play scene.

It can be seen that it is necessary to open a mobile water park pool, and other equipment needs to be determined according to the operator’s own investment funds and the size of the venue.

Of course, the more equipment the water park has, the more it will attract the crowd.

In addition, when choosing equipment, you should also clarify your customer group. Is the construction of the park aimed at children, adults, or people at all levels? Only by clarifying the customer group will it be more conducive to the choice of equipment.

For example, inflatable pools have only two heights, 60CM and 80CM. If the park is for children, you can choose inflatable pools as the carrier.

The height of the bracket pool has three heights: 1M, 1.32M, and 1.5M. On the contrary, the bracket pool can be selected as the carrier.

The procedures required to open a water park are very simple. The conventional process is to go to the Health Bureau to apply for a sanitation permit. To do this, the manufacturer needs to provide the qualification certificate and quality inspection report of all products.

In addition, most of the State Sports General Administrations list swimming, rock climbing, skiing, etc. as high-risk projects. To operate such businesses, a high-risk certificate must be obtained, and the materials for the certificate must also be provided by the manufacturer.

The above is the answer to the questions that Chinee inflatable gives customers the most concern. If you have any questions, please call us for details.

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What equipment do you need to start a mobile inflatable water park?

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