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The development of operating a bouncy castle amusement park

The development of operating a bouncy castle amusement park

Inflatable amusement parks have existed in the market for many years, especially in recent years. The continuous development of inflatable amusement parks has been loved by the majority of children and parents.

How to operate an inflatable amusement park to make money in the competition? How to operate an inflatable amusement park to get the most benefit? With the opening of the national fertility policy, it is foreseeable that in the days to come, inflatable amusement parks will become more and more popular, and the popularity will show an upward trend. Investing in inflatable amusement parks is a trend. If coupled with the flexible thinking of operators, it will be possible to achieve “multi-source income from one castle”.

It can be seen that most of the inflatable castles operate in places with relatively concentrated population such as squares, parks, communities, supermarkets, etc., and some are even in pedestrian streets. In crowded places, there are business opportunities everywhere, so how can we develop some value of inflatable amusement parks’ Woolen clothes?

For example, the inflatable amusement park has the characteristics of colorful, changeable shape and easy to move, so we must seize its characteristics to expand its value. First of all, the “advertisement” on the bouncy castle is a very good suggestion. How to “advertise” on the bouncy castle? First of all, the shape of the bouncy castle can be changed at will, and the main body of the bouncy castle can be spray-painted in a large area. Let’s take the milk powder advertisement as an example, and we can use the bouncy castle to advertise. Make a big inflatable milk powder can, and then add a green tree or a cute cow shape. It becomes a vivid bouncy castle. You can also spray-paint some product introductions and slogans around it. While children are playing on the trampoline, parents also saw the advertisement for the bouncy castle, killing two birds with one stone.

It can be seen that there are still many hidden values in the bouncy castle waiting for us to develop. Its potential is infinite, and we need to slowly discover it and create greater value for us.

This is just one of the product ideas. There are more bouncy castle “open source income” methods waiting for the majority of merchants to develop. No matter what kind of whimsy, we are looking forward to your sharing. We are happy to participate in it.

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The development of operating a bouncy castle amusement park

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