The application and maintenance of inflatable products in decoration

The inflatable industry is an emerging industry. With the continuous development, its products are more and more widely used, which is determined by its own performance, because it has great advantages in many aspects. Here, let’s talk about the application of inflatable models in decoration.

There are many kinds of inflatable decorations and are used in various fields. For example, it is used to make stage props, or it is also used in promotional activities. In addition, it can be used in bars, conference rooms, wedding rooms, and ceremony sites. There are large and small inflatable decorations, and there are different types and shapes for different occasions. The more common ones are the pumpkin-shaped inflatable models used at Halloween, Santa Claus at Christmas and so on. There are cylindrical or conical glowing models in the bar. The decorations used in the wedding room are more varied, such as heart-shaped ones, as well as big happy characters and so on. Now the most popular is the inflatable model that will glow, there are pot-shaped, star-shaped, etc. that can be used to decorate your home. There are also road signs, large mushrooms, geometric shapes, etc. that can be used to decorate the street. Inflatable decoration is easy to use and can create a good decorative effect.

If you want the inflatable decoration to be used for a long time, you must pay attention to its maintenance. When using inflatable decoration, you must be careful not to get close to the fire source. Its material is very afraid of fire, and excessive temperature will also cause it to be damaged. No matter how good the material is, it is afraid of excessive tearing and scratching, so you must pay attention when using it. If your inflatable model gets dirty, just wipe it lightly with a towel, not a very wet towel. In addition, the inflatable model should be kept away from sharp objects when using it. If it is damaged, it is best to use special glue. When repairing, pay attention to the cleaning of the damaged area.


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The application and maintenance of inflatable products in decoration

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