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inflatable wedding trampoline tent

Brand:Chinee InflatableModel:H6-0163
(L × W × H)
6 m ×5 m ×5 m
Weight:- kg / - lbs
Packaging: -m×-m×-m
Material:0.55mm and 0.9mm PVC Tarpaulin
Customized:Chinee inflatable offer customization options for design, color, logo, and size, tailored to meet your specific needs and budget.
Shipping:We Provide Global Delivery By Air/Sea/Train Shipping From Door To Door Or To Designated Port.
Accessories:Air Pumps; Repair Kits;
(L × W × H)
6 m × 5 m × 5 m /
19.7 ft × 16.4 ft × 16.4 ft
Customizable color and size.
Model:H6-0163Weight:- kg / - lbs
Packaging:-m×-m×-m /
Material:0.55mm and 0.9mm PVC Tarpaulin
Customized:Chinee inflatables creates customizable products to fit your needs and budget.
Shipping:We Provide Global Delivery By Air/Sea/Train Shipping From Door To Door Or To Designated Port.
Accessories:Air Pumps; Repair Kits;
*Free quoting service available
*Free quoting service available

Category: Inflatable Tent


Parameters Of Inflatable Tents

Inflatable column material:PVC coated poly (1-ester) woven fabric (PVC air tight cloth for short)
Bottom cloth:PVC wear-resistant wiper (red, blue, blackish green)
Working Temperature:-30°—+65°
Hydrostatic pressure:Hydrostatic pressure ≥ 16kpa
Surface water proofing:160-200mm
Inflation time:2-15 minutes (depending on the size of the tent and the inflation tools)
Inflation tool:Electric inflation pump

Customized Design

When creating custom tents our methodology revolves around active collaboration with the client. We endeavour to explore and develop new concepts using a variety of tools including CAD visualisation and animation to ensure that the design of a structure grows from a shared understanding of the requirements it must satisfy.
  • When Creating Custom Tents, Our Methodology Revolves Around Active Collaboration With The Client. We Endeavour To Explore And Develop New Concepts Using A Variety Of Tools Including CAD Visualisation And Animation To Ensure That The Design Of A Structure Grows From A Shared Understanding Of The Requirements It Must Satisfy.
  • Our Tents Undergo Rigorous Structural Evaluation Using A Variety Of Techniques, Including Advanced Finite Element Analysis, Backed Up With Extensive Testing Of Prototypes And Key Components.
  • Cutting Patterns Are Then Generated Using Software Developed By Our Own Engineers Before Being Transferred To Our Computer Controlled Fabric Cutter. The Automation Of The Patterning And Cutting Processes Greatly Shortens Lead Times And Permits Increasingly Complex Forms To Be Achieved With Ease.
  • All Our Tents Are Manufactured Using The Latest Fabrication Equipment At Our Factory, Giving Us Complete Control Of Quality And Production Schedules.
  • We Are Committed To Creating Quality Tents Which Exceed Our Clients’ Highest Aspirations By Marrying Visual Impact And Engineering Excellence With An Understanding Of Economic Reality And Tight Timescales.
  • We Offer A Complete Service From Design And Build Through To Installation, Training And Ongoing Support. Just Contact Us With Your Requirements And Our Team Will Guide You Through The Exciting Process Of Developing Something Totally Unique.

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inflatable wedding trampoline tent


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inflatable wedding trampoline tent

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