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Differences in materials and processes of inflatable products

Differences in materials and processes of inflatable products

Now there are a variety of inflatable models on the market. For example, inflatable arches, inflatable cartoon dolls and so on. These products are varied, with different appearances and uses, and even their colors, materials are various. Listed below are some common inflatable products are generally made of which materials.

The material of the air model can be roughly divided into three categories, different materials have different characteristics and functions, plus different materials require processing techniques also have an impact on the air model products, which results in different uses of the air model products require different materials.

1、Oxford cloth

We usually process Oxford cloth by sewing. The advantage of Oxford cloth is that it can be processed very fine, so it is more complex, more simulation of the air mold products are generally processed with Oxford cloth. Oxford cloth is mainly used in the manufacture of advertising air model products, such as a variety of promotional images that require realism. In addition, the air model products made of Oxford cloth must use a fixed fan to continuously supply air.

2、PVC material

The processing process of PVC material is the heat lamination technology. The advantage of this combination is that it no longer needs continuous air supply and is more convenient to move. But its material and process makes the manufacture of air mold products expressive power, can only be used for simple modeling.

3、PVC mesh

PVC mesh is heat laminated and sewn with the process, compared to the other two materials, it is very durable and strong, the market is generally made of this material for those large entertainment facilities. But the manufacturing of air mold products are generally expressive, but also to continuous air supply.

The advantages and disadvantages of the above three materials are different, so adapt to different uses of the air model products. You can choose different requirements to choose.

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Differences in materials and processes of inflatable products

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