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Chinee designs a profitable solution for your inflatable water park

Chinee designs a profitable solution for your inflatable water park
At present, the mobile water inflatable park has become a profitable and popular investment project in the hot summer. Whenever the hot summer is approaching, various investments are also preparing for the operation in the coming year. However, in the face of such a hot project, many manufacturers of inflatable amusement equipment have also begun to turn to the production of water park equipment. Only by making the right choice can the majority of investors make profits in the later operation process. Chinee inflatable, as a manufacturer engaged in mobile water park projects, provides four major profit plan designs to escort the operation of our customers and friends!

1. Market demand analysis
According to the current situation of the customer’s location, Chinee conducts a detailed analysis of the operation conditions of other local companies of the same project, as well as the local population, per capita consumption level, local cultural characteristics, etc., and recommends competitive equipment for customers. Market analysis program.

2. Project planning scheme design
Chinee will formulate reasonable project planning plans for customers according to the needs of customers and the size of the venue, such as the introduction of snacks, beverages, and swimwear projects, which also increases a considerable income for customers.

3. Site planning guidance
Professionals will help customers choose a business site based on the market analysis done in the early stage to help the profit in the later stage, and make reasonable planning and professional guidance according to the characteristics of the site, such as how large equipment should be selected and installed in the park, which location etc.

Fourth, the establishment of profit model
Assist customers to expand various types of profit points, such as rental of advertising space, rental of snacks and beverage stalls, and use of on-site and TV stations to cooperate in organizing activities to enhance the overall competitiveness of the project.

The perfect profit plan design is also the reason why Chinee has been favored by operators for many years. Choosing us is equivalent to choosing a worry-free operation, just waiting for the profit in the later period!

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Chinee designs a profitable solution for your inflatable water park

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